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Individual design or help to help yourself?

No matter if you’d like a complete design from me, would like some support to work on your website yourself or a combination of these two – I’m here for you.

I create solidarity websites for projects that need this kind of support. On average, I can offer this about twice a year. Please do not hesitate to ask me for availabilities. Web and media design are political for me as well. To support emancipation and participation are very important to me!

Individual Design

You would like to fully concentrate on your work? No problem:

I create a design that is tailored to you and your needs. No web site builders or advertising and information materials from the box, no frustration or endless expenditure of time.

Instead, you will get a very special, contemporary, accessible and clear presentation on the internet or for print, which sets you apart and opens new doors. You and your work are something very special and that should also be reflected in your design.

Teaching you how to help yourself

You already have a website but would like to improve things here and there and would like some support with that? You want to learn everything from scratch and create your own website? No problem either!

I understand the need to take things into my own hands, so I will gladly share my knowledge with you. In a few classes I can show you everything you want to know so that you can continue to work independently on your website. Afterwards, you’ll be proud to be able to master new tasks and you can save on follow-up costs.

I offer

Logo Design

Corporate Design

Server einrichten

WordPress und Divi

Responsive Design

Online Shop


weitere Plugins


Soziale Medien




Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe





What is importantfor your website?

You will want to make sure that your website looks great and that it conveys what is important to you. At the same time, you will also want make sure that everything runs smoothly:


  • I can help you choose a reliable and green server, the home of your website
  • WordPress provides a stable and user-friendly CMS, that is easy to use and with the Divi-Theme you will have the freedom to create exactly the website you want
  • we’ll make sure your website is responsive, so will look good on all devices and can be navigated well on all devices as well
  • we will also make sure that your website is accessible, so that it can reach as many people as possible
  • another important topic is SEO – I can show you how you can easily optimize your content for search engines as you create it
  • to implement a GDPR strategy is essential, I’ll support you so you can make the right choices here too
  • you want more? different languages, online shop, calendar or other individual extensions? we’ll find the right ones to create exactly the website you need
  • of course we will also integrate your Social Media accounts!

Is there anything else?

Corporate design, logo design, illustrations, graphic design or a layout for print? Happy to help with this too:

  • I can create a layout for any procut for print: letter heads, cards, flyers, stickers, you name it. If you’d like I’d also be happy to suggest print services run by women, or how to print environmently freindly.
  • You have your own shop, are about to start a new business or would like to take a next step in your existing business? You’re still missing a logo that really represents you? No problem!
  • I also offer illustrations and graphic design, just tell me what you need
  • everything new and coherent? I can also develope a complete new corporate design: perfectly fitted to your needs!

portrait photo von mirjam wittig"Ich habe Verena in der Zusammenarbeit als sehr angenehm und kompetent erlebt - sie hat uns mit ihrer tollen Arbeit ein ganzes, nebenbei auch noch hübsches, Online-Festival ermöglicht!"

Mirjam Wittig,
Porsanova 2020

portrait photo von mirjam wittig"Verena arbeitet kreativ, sorgfältig und zuverlässig. Unsere Ideen hat sie gestalterisch toll umgesetzt."

Kerstin Meyer,
(Photo: Nils Bornemann)

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