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I got lucky (and worked quite a bit to get there) – all projects I work for are fantastic, I think. Take a look at what I did for each of them and also check out the wonderful projects and people.

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I love what I do and I bring that love for detail, design and usability to every website I create. I also really enjoy working with different clients, who are working in different fields. With every job, every design, I discover a bit of a new world.

I also believe that there is nothing that can’t be done. If you have an idea, I’m sure we can make it a reality.

Prosanova 2020

Festival für Junge Literatur

The Prosanova festival takes place every three years in Hildesheim. Due to corona this was the first year it had to take place online. I did the layout for the website and timetables, the logo and background had already existed before.

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Mobile Opferberatung

Unterstützung für Betroffene rechter, rassistischer und antisemitischer Gewalt

Mobile Opferberatung is an organisation working with victims of right-wing extremistic violonce. They are also documenting racist and other right-wing extremestic violence related incidences and publish a bi-yearly newsletter. Next to a new website I designed a whole corporate identity including logo and letterhead.

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Autorin und Linguistin

Simoné already had a website but wanted a fancy layout and a blog to add to her portfolio.

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Feministische Studien

Zeitschrift für interdisziplinäre Frauen- und Geschlechterforschung

This is a journal for women’s and gender studies. They were looking for a new green enery using server and needed a new website for their journal.

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Jung & Alt e.V.

Wir vermitteln täglich Kontakte zwischen den Generationen in Hamburg

This organization is working for intergenerational exchange and was in need of a new website. Something simple and easy to navigate for their clients.

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Judith Kunde

Psychologische Psychotherapeutin

Judith Kunde is a therapist specialized in working with firefighters, the police and the military. She wanted a calm website and a corporate design, incl. logo, letter head and a note pad for practice appointments.

I also supported in picking a new green webhost and taught her how to update her website herself.

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portrait photo von mirjam wittig"Ich habe Verena in der Zusammenarbeit als sehr angenehm und kompetent erlebt - sie hat uns mit ihrer tollen Arbeit ein ganzes, nebenbei auch noch hübsches, Online-Festival ermöglicht!"

Mirjam Wittig,
Porsanova 2020

portrait photo von mirjam wittig"Verena arbeitet kreativ, sorgfältig und zuverlässig. Unsere Ideen hat sie gestalterisch toll umgesetzt."

Kerstin Meyer,
(Photo: Nils Bornemann)

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